Automate your world.

Automation in style

Optimization drives us. We constantly ask, how do we make this work better? That’s really how Joodla came into being. We were already experimenting using AI/ML models to streamline internal processes and when we hit gold with our Job-title cleanup model, it opened our eyes to the possibilities.

Limitless potential

Joodla was soon optimizing every other project or company we had, Pantrei used it to create unique ‘cutesified’ titles for website banners, and Punch used it to generate personalized e-mails and content.
This really put into perspective how our model creation process could to scaled to almost any vertical. Joodla partnered up with several companies to create models that we couldn’t have even dreamt of but created to perfection. Models for Oil and Gas Companies, Publishers, Energy Companies, the list goes on.

I’m a digital creator based in SF
Founder of Punch

For some reason we have a real soft spot for brown and melange grey. For over a decade now our lives have evolved around these colours, different structures, different textures. Never getting tired of it, rich brown right next to cool melange grey just does it for us.

Bank statement line item identification and classification model.

Combing through lines and lines of sales data, we developed a sophisticated AI model that predicts and classifies purchase line items and correctly puts them in certain categories to accelerate processing and data analytics.

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