Testing makes a difference.


The Idea

Businesses are happy with the conversions they are getting — but are spending 10x that amount on missed conversions.

Finding ways to convert cold leads should be on the top of every company’s docket, but they’re just too busy to stop everything in its tracks to get in rounds of testing. Leelar is an A/B testing house that uses years of in-house expertise to solve this problem.

The Process

The process is never set in stone. Every project requires a unique approach a and fresh look to get it where it needs to be.

Leelar was built off years of research and a database of tests that we conducted with Punch’s internal and external projects. This experience really became a thing of it’s own when we helped Twice get aquired by e-Bay.

From then on Leelar began to ask itself where it could do the same for others, and started its journey.

The biggest cost is missed opportunities
Leelar’s  Approach

Companies are comfortable with the leads, conversions, and revenue that they are getting, but are missing out on 10x that by not optimizing the webpages, products, and services they have.

Missed opportunities into revenue

Nothing is worse than an opportunity that goes begging. Leelar wants to make sure a company never has to say “Gosh, we could’ve done so much better”