Data is independence.

The Idea

Numin is an ex-Google engineer, founded quant trading fund, that provides tools to discretionary traders also. Numin is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. "Data is independence."


Numin Tools

For Traders

Numin Tools enables discretionary and algorithmic traders to augment their capabilities with high quality, highly probable trade signals, a stock scanner, notifications and alerts, historical performance analysis, and integrated paper trading.

Numin Jade Fund
For Institutions

Invest alongside Numin in deploying capital to public capital markets. Numin Jade Fund utilizes Numin's cutting edge deep artificial intelligence networks to trade global financial equities and futures. Participate with Numin's ex-Google founding team, in their unique approach to problem solving.

Finance Internships

Join Our Team

Numin hosts internships in finance to share the passion and joy of quant trading. Numin helps teach its philosophy and approach to trading, and successful interns are prioritized in its hiring applicant pool.