Frictionless Commerce

The Idea

Skipify enables one-click checkout across the Web. E-commerce companies using Skipify can reduce cart abandonment via one-click checkout, while customers save valuable time by entering their shipping and payment information just once.


Skipify is the fastest way to pay online. Merchants enable one-click checkout on their site, consumers no longer have to enter payment and shipping details for every merchant and can buy with 1-click.

Skipify is a  user’s wallet at their fingertips that keeps their financial details private and secure.

1-Touch Purchasing on
Website and Apps

Skipify converts more traffic into customers with 1-touch purchasing. Shoppers can purchase directly from product pages, collections pages and customers' e-commerce shopping carts. Shopper data feeds right into customers' CRM systems, even if they’ve never shopped with that merchant before.

1-Touch Purchasing Inside

Emails and Catalogues

Skipify works with existing email providers with no coding required. Free to use for Skipify customers. Easily embed scannable purchase icons and watermarks into customers' Direct Mail campaigns. Shoppers can open their Skipify app, scan the image and buy instantly. Flip the pages of catalogs and simply scan every product.