F&*# the domain squatters.


The Idea

Nothing beats a good domain name — when you can get them that is. Brandable and available domain names can cost an arm and a leg. Plus you always have those darn domain squatters hoarding them. What if there was a way to beat them at their own game?

Yodsi curates expired domains and puts them through a proprietary AI model that removes the rubbish and keeps only the best.

The Process

We curated hundreds and thousands of domains and created a proprietary A.I model ( with Joodla’s help!) that picked out the best ones and sorted them into industry-appropriate buckets. We thanked Joodla for their help by giving them their name!

F*&*# the domain squatters. Yodsi wants to take the power back and help people and companies get a fair shot at getting an affordable, brandable domain that carries their brand and vision. You shouldn’t have to break out of the bank for that!

A custom, handpicked domain just for you.

Yodsi really was born out of an entrepreneurial need to keep growing. Growth and upward mobility always require a spark of creativity, one that you can get from a fancy new, brandable new name and a domain to go along with it.


As if identifting great domains wasn’t enough, Yodsi build a process that would bucket domains based on how they sounded, A domain like ‘Google’ would be bucketed as an Internet Software company,